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Remote Sensing & GIS are vertical growing science and technology. It serves the industrial and environmental purpose, which includes creating Social awareness and Economic Changes. However, there are still many sectors who are either not using these technologies or there is a demand for implementation.

Considering the good will of these technologies, GeoSpectrum has been commenced to provide the Turnkey Solution through Information Technology.

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Our colleagues are our major strength, which means our clients benefit from a well-trained, conscientious, and diligent work force. Our people can resolve the most un-presidential geo-spatial challenges for our clients. In addition, more than half of our colleagues have certifications in their respective domain areas.

Cost Effective Solution

Our cost-effective solutions are designed to help businesses save money without compromising on quality. We understand that every business has different needs and budgets, which is why we work closely with our clients to develop a tailored solution that meets their specific requirements.

We Believe In Quality

We understand that our customers expect the best from us, and we are committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed those expectations. Quality is not just a buzzword for us; it is a core value that guides everything we do.

On Time Deliveries

At our company, we understand that time is of the essence. That's why we are committed to delivering our data on time, every time. We know that our customers rely on us to meet their deadlines, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


We are providing top-notch services in geospatial industry. Geospatial services refer to the collection, storing, processing, analysis, and presenting geographic data for the solutions. This data can be used to transmogrify decision-making process across a range of industries, from urban planning and environmental management to defense and transportation.


GeoSpectrum specializes in offering LiDAR data processing solutions to a wide range of industries, boasting a team with a wealth of experience in managing both national and international projects encompassing ALS, MLS, and TLS data processing.


GeoSpectrum offers comprehensive services in aerial photography and satellite imagery, catering to a range of scales for topographic and planimetric mapping needs, with a specialization in producing precise 3D models.

Image processing

GEOSPECTRUM provides geospatial solution for deriving the inaccessible information from the satellite and Aerial images using sophisticated technologies and analytical methods.


GeoSpectrum offers comprehensive GIS and CADD services to diverse industries, seamlessly integrating remote sensing and mapping capabilities, and providing valuable support for various analytical initiatives.

Drone processing

GEOSPECTRUM provides capturing high-resolution images and then applies advanced data processing techniques to extract valuable insights and information. This service is employed across various industries.

BIM Technology

GEOSPECTRUM provides comprehensive service that leverages advanced digital tools and methodologies to enhance the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure projects.


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Industry Expertise

At GeoSpectrum, we extend our services to a diverse array of industries, leveraging our wealth of expertise and experience. Our team of dedicated professionals is unwavering in its commitment to providing tailored solutions that precisely address the distinct requirements and challenges inherent to each industry. The following is an enumeration of some of the industries within our purview.


We offer comprehensive geospatial services to the mining industry, covering every phase from mineral exploration estimation, construction, operational support, stockpile management, transportation logistics, to pre and post-mining activities, with a dedicated focus on assessing and mitigating environmental impacts.


We deliver AM/FM (Asset Management/Facilities Management) services to public utilities encompassing drinking water, storm water, drainage, gas, electricity, and telecommunications. Our expertise extends to the seamless conversion of hard copy maps, graphs, and sketches, including as-built engineering documentation.


We offer geospatial solutions to urban planners, enabling them to effectively visualize and plan for both the establishment of new cities and the management of existing urban areas. Our services encompass the efficient coordination of utilities and the mitigation of encroachment, facilitating informed and strategic urban development.


We provide the geospatial services to hydrological data management studies such as flood studies, bathymetric, and drainages management system etc...


We provide the geospatial services to large scale Agriculture for Agri-departments. Our services provide map-based outputs and reports to support informed decision-making in agricultural management.


We provide the geospatial services to large scale Forest for forest departments, which is map based outputs and reports that aid in effective forest resource management and conservation efforts.


As seasoned professionals in the geospatial industry, our dedication lies in harnessing spatial data to address intricate challenges and facilitate well-informed decision-making process. Our extensive experience spans a wide spectrum of geospatial services, encompassing GIS, remote sensing, cartography, surveying, geospatial analysis, data management, and geocoding. Our track record underscores our unwavering commitment to precision, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast focus on delivering top-tier solutions to our clients.

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